Thanks Asther for making my outdoor maternity photography dream come true :) The results are amazing… You are simply the best photographer that I have come across so far.. very considerate & accomodating + great artistic sense. Will definitely recommend you to others!!” via Facebook

♥ Maternity photo album ♥ Little Tyler’s photo album

6 January 2011 - Little Tyler’s Mommy

“A nice & meaningful Christmas present to us. We like the family photos with our doggie very much. Thanks.” via sms.

♥ Little Song Teng’s photo album

27 December 2010 - Little Song Teng’s Daddy & Mommy

Superb!!! In time to come it’ll be a good flashback for me and a nostalgic storybook for him. :)” via Facebook

♥ Little Aden’s photo album ♥ Blog Post

23 December 2010 - Little Aden’s Mommy

“Thanks for the last batches of photos. They look awesome! Looking forward to receiving the DVD. via Facebook

♥ Little Alexis’ photo album

1 May 2010 - Little Alexis’ Mommy

“We simply love the photos! Initially I was a bit worried as Ry wasn’t very smiley that day but hey,the pics still turned out great. 😀 Thanks Asther! via Facebook

♥ Little Ryleigh’s photo album ♥ Blog Post

29 April 2010 - Little Ryleigh’s Mommy

“Thank you for sending thru the pictures of Angela – the colours are so vibrant and the images look great. The packaging was very nice. via email

♥ Little Angela’s photo album

9 April 2010 - Little Angela’s Daddy & Mommy

“They all look so great! Thanks again. The photos were very beautiful and we are really glad we came across you.” via email

♥ Maternity photo album ♥ Blog Post ♥ Little Sophia’s photo album

23 January 2010 - Little Sophia’s Daddy & Mommy

“Thanx for capturing Gabby’s moments. She wasn’t as responsive that day but you’ve captured them so well.” via sms

♥ Little Gabrielle’s photo album

2 January 2010 - Little Gabrielle’s Mommy

“Asther, you are fabulous. Baby Shuen’s pix are just simply wonderful!!!” via Facebook

♥ Little Shuen’s photo album ♥ Blog Post

17 December 2009 - Little Shuen’s Mommy

“Outstanding pictures. TQ so so much! :) Worth the wait! On my way to have them developed now. Love it!!! LOL” via sms.

♥ Little Aden’s photo album.

26 November 2009 - Little Aden’s Mommy