When the time gets tough…

Babies, Family, Portraiture, Studio | 26 August 2016

Yesterday was a sucky kinda day for me. I guess all that long hours of editing, being confined in my work chair is getting to me. My body’s aching and my hand’s retaliating with constant numbness & pain.

Haley got scolded by me for doing some small mistakes too & I hated myself afterwards.

So I woke up this morning & gave her a long cuddle, whispering to her my apologies.

My girl… God Bless her for her kind heart. She forgave me immediately & hugged me back, giving me giggles & smiles as if yesterday didn’t happened at all.

So today, I am going to continue my fight to catch up on clearing my workloads. And when my Haley finishes school, I am going to take some hours off to be with her and make her happy.

Asther Lau Photography

To all you parents who is having it tough today… I wish you better days ahead & let your loved ones be by your side to fight along for your life’s battles.

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Of Baby Bumps…

Portraiture, Pre-Natal, Studio | 5 May 2016

Owh… just some pweettyy baby bumps I got to spend time with the past few months. 😉

Soon there will be THREE!

Soon there will be THREE!

Hello Baby? Come out, come out & play...

Hello Baby? Come out, come out & play…

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Asther Lau Photography

Pregnancy Curves

Mummy's little train bearer! :D

Mummy’s little train bearer! 😀

Watch out world! Super Baby is coming... ;)

Watch out world! Super Baby is coming… 😉

1, 2 and THREE FOUR FIVE! :D

1, 2 and THREE FOUR FIVE! 😀

Asther Lau Photography

Baby Bump Tippie Toes Mommy-Daughter Bonding What’s not to L VE?

Understanding LIFE

Portraiture, Pre-Natal | 20 April 2016

Asther Lau Photography

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you”
~ Sandra Chami Kassis

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