How The Magic Unfolds

Babies, Couple, Family, Portraiture, Pre-Natal, Toddler | 31 October 2012

Often enough I get lovely emails & comments on my Facebook Page about how the images I’ve captured were magical, and how I have the magic touch to make these images beautiful. Well, truth to be told the magic is REAL! But… it’s not me who has the magic touch. It’s how the love & happiness of my clients help create these magical images. :)

During every shoot, I will visualize a setting where I see beautiful lighting and equally beautiful backdrop are available at the location of our photography session. Then, I’ll “put” my clients there. So what’s next, you may ask? Well… I’ll then encourage my clients to be themselves. To interact with each other. To forget this big black box in front of my face. To look into each others eyes & communicate within. To kiss & smell the person next to them. To feel the ray of life & cooling breeze that surrounds them. To forget what is not define as pretty & happy, instead, to remember & recreate what makes them warm & joyful inside.

And if this doesn’t work… I’ll create a scenario for them to imagine or act on. Often enough, this worked. And then I wait… I wait for the magic to happen.

And here are a few magical moments I’ve managed to capture with my big black box. ;)

The moment when Little N leaned on her mummy & embraced her baby bump, then looked up at her mummy with that cheeky smile. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby S reaches out her hand & touches her daddy, while looking into his eyes. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby K peeps over his daddy’s head, trying to get assurance from him that it’s okay to be so high up there. That’s MAGIC.

The moment C & R touched their noses together & C cracked up a funny face. That’s MAGIC.

The moment Little H gave out a shrill laugh while being swing around by her mummy, that’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby E looked into his daddy’s eyes while his doting parents looked over him lovingly, that’s MAGIC.

The moment Baby A squeals with happiness playing with her parents, that is Magic!

So really… I have my clients to thank for everything magical seen in my work. All the plannings, the long walks, the efforts to carry the props, the efforts to manage the children, the sweats and many more… All these are worthwhile after all! Do you agree with me? ;)

Alritey… Bedtime soon so I better wrap up for today & look forward to another crazy, hopeful day tomorrow! Good night world and thank you so much for continuing to follow this blog. ;) Sweet dreams & let the magic appears!


A Normal Life

Family, Personal | 26 October 2012

So my morning shoot got cancelled/postponed. This means I had the chance to head over to the park with my hubby & daughter cos today is a public holiday for Malaysia. We got to be just normal people enjoying being a normal family spending time together in a typical morning walk at the park.

And you know what? I feel contented. VERY contented. It means so much that I can do what I’ve always encourage my clients to do with their families. Even tho it means waking up early at 7am so that I can get everyone ready to head out the door. I’m happy. :)

Here’s a shot I took while testing the Panasonic DMC-LX7 camera this morning.

Hubby was such a trooper for willingly to try swing Haley up so high. She’s now at nearly 15kg with long legs! Yeah… my little girl is a big little girl now.

So what is your favorite weekend/public holiday activity? Do share. :)


Ooh Baby: Little Heston | Petaling Jaya | Malaysia

Babies, Family, Personal | 16 October 2012


Hmmm… now how do I start this post? I am having mixed feelings on what & how to write about this little boy. But here goes…

I have known this beautiful angel boy for nearly 10 months now. Tomorrow is his 10th month birthday. :) He was recently diagnosed with the horrible C. Yes… the horrible horrible Cancer. Acute Myeloid Leukemia to be specific & he has called the hospital ward his “home” for the past 2 months. He has lost his hair & was constantly being pricked for new IV line to induce medications & chemo solution into his blood stream. High fever was constantly haunting him & he’ll cry his lungs out, clinging on tightly to his helpless mother.

However, whenever the horrible C gives him a break, he’ll immediately perk up & curiously check out his surrounding, all ready for new adventures. He’ll wake up with a sun-shiny smile that will melt anyone’s heart & spread the magic to the entire ward.

His parents are trying their best to be stronger for each other. His mother is with him, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, still fully breastfeeding him whenever he is able to suckle from her. She’s put me to shame for the moments I had complaint & whined whenever my own girl fell sick which resulted in lack of sleep in the entire household. For since what seems to be ages ago, his mummy has had less sleep than anyone of us. Even if she’s managed to take a short wink, her dreams will be of her precious son.

His father has been in & out of the hospital day & night, trying to keep his business running, making sure their elder son is not neglected & running all errands while his wife is battling with his younger son in the hospital. But he remains positive & continues to be the pillar of strength to his family as well as his friends.

The news about Little H’s suffering totally shook a part of my world. I’m not too sure why, but I started to feel this extreme pain & hurt inside. An uncontrollable sadness loomed my days ever since. Prayers were said constantly and I was visiting him in the hospital as often as I could until his immune system has gotten too weak to accept any visitors. Yes, it felt like my own son is fighting this horrible C and I was feeling so so so helpless cos I couldn’t do anything to make him feel better & not suffer anymore. I cried so much, kept asking God the only question I could ask. Why? Why him? He’s only 8 months old! He’s such a beautiful baby. He’s bringing so much joy to his parents and people around him. Why?

I continue to pray… I keep trying not to lose my faith… I keep reminding myself to focus…

And now the main reason I’m writing this post is not to tell a sad story, but a happy one. :D Today, Little H’s doctor has shared with his parents that his cancer has finally gone into remission! When I knew about this, I couldn’t help but dance! I rejoiced! I thanked God while shedding happy tears.

Well, this doesn’t mean everything is over though. Little H still has a few hurdles infront of him, but this one little good news is HUGE to us after getting constant demoralizing news throughout the past 2 months. There is a surgery coming up, as well as the recovery process after the many chemo injections. And the growing up of course… but THANK GOD that now he’s given a chance to continue to grow & for given his parents another chance at being parents to him!

So what have I learned from this so far???

I’ve learned that a parent’s love to a child can drive you to do things unimaginable. Seeing them staying strong to each other, continue to pray for hope & make every new day as a birthday of their son has kept me strong in my own daily life. To stay true to myself & to my family.

I’ll keep telling myself that all my struggles & challenges is a God sent cos I still get to see my girl grow up healthy & happy & full of future. These struggles & challenges are there because I want to make sure my girl has all the things she needs to grow into a beautiful person inside & out.

So far, none of my struggles & challenges are as big as what my friends & their son are going through. So they are my idol & source of inspiration for a lifetime.

Okay… now let me share with you some beautiful images of Little H, taken just 2 weeks before he was diagnosed with the terrible C. We had such a wonderful time together and he’s truly won my heart over that day.

Hello there! :D

Chubby chubby chubby!

A beautiful moment with pretty mummy

Oh yes… he’s so deliciously irresistible!

♥ ♥ ♥

Here are some moments with Big Brother A. Remember him? ;)

Little H loves his big bro a lot. Especially his hair. Hahaha…


Awww… Little H trying to make peace with Big A. ;)

All is good again! Big A loves playing with his little brother. He truly loves him. :)

So I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead & do help us say a little prayer (or a BIG prayer) for Little H’s road to full recovery. Much love! *kisses*


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