Project 365 (Year 2010): Another late series

Babies, Family, Project 365 (Year 2010), What The Duck | 6 February 2010

04.02.2010 Location: Home When: Another daily thingy Note: Did a new arrangement with the flowers I bought recently. 05.02.2010 Location: Dessert’s Bar, When: During Little Seth’s first birthday party Note: Soooo many cutie pies at the party! 06.02.2010 Location: Home When: During another weekend dip. Note: Little Haley’s cousins visiting from U.S. And this is […]

Project 365 (Year 2010): 28.01.2010

Cultural, Personal, Project 365 (Year 2010), Wedding, What The Duck | 28 January 2010

Location: Kuala Lumpur When: During Mark & Azwin’s wedding day Note: This photo reminds me that Chinese New Year is just round the corner and it’s a Chinese tradition for married couples to give out “ang-pows” to children & those young singles. Hmmm… need to sort out budget for this year! 😛 Now talking about […]

Project 365 (Year 2010): 22.01.2010

Personal, Project 365 (Year 2010), What The Duck | 22 January 2010

Location: Phuket When: During darling’s company trip. Note: These little cuties are made of wires! I’m ill AGAIN. This will be the third time I got sick in less than 2 months. What’s up (or rather down) with my immune system? Anyway… was looking for ways to cheer myself up so here are two comic […]

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