Wedding Anniversary: Amin + Shareen = A Big Family!

Couple, Family, Portraiture, Wedding Anniversary | 12 May 2010

I’ve been meaning to write this post BEFORE Mother’s Day last week. However, as I was away on a remote island with a VERY SLOW internet connection, it just made it almost impossible for me to do so. Hence, I decided to do it today. 😉 I’ve known Amin for YEARS during my scuba teaching […]

Wedding Anniversary: Ghazali + Aini

Couple, Family, Portraiture, Wedding Anniversary | 7 April 2010

He’s always able to crack a joke and she’s always there anticipating for one, breaking into giggles & laughter whenever he does crack one. He always have something to talk about while she’s usually the quiet observer. This couple is like check & balance of each other. 😉 What’s even more wonderful is that they’re […]

Project 365 (Year 2010): 08.02.2010

Portraiture, Project 365 (Year 2010), Wedding Anniversary | 9 February 2010

Location: Bukit Gita Bayu Clubhouse When: During Amin and Shareen’s wedding anniversary photo session. Note: Valentine’s Day is near and this photo reminds me of it. It’s been years since hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day. Sigh… Remember to subscribe to our RSS feed. TQ!

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