2011: It’s a Wrap!

Babies, Family, Personal, Pre-Natal, Slideshow, Toddler | 31 December 2011

Now let me see… I’ve been sooo caught up with recent continuous happenings & some not-so-happenings, that I didn’t get much space/time to think about writing this final post for 2011. But I decided to try it anyway. Today is one of those cold, rainy weather here in Petaling Jaya. A huge contrast from the […]

Ooh Baby: Little Joey l Setia Alam l Malaysia

Family, Portraiture, Slideshow, Toddler | 16 May 2010

Mommy P emailed me on a very last minute date to capture her little girl’s little moments for her coming birthday party. Good thing I had one day available for her baby portrait session! 😀 The sun was up pretty early that fine morning but we managed to get some pretty sunlight before it got […]

Ooh Baby: Little Chermaine l Petaling Jaya l Malaysia

Babies, Family, Portraiture, Slideshow | 13 April 2010

Today, Little Chermaine celebrates her FIRST Birthday! 😀 So I am going to dedicate this post for this little smiley-pie. 😉 I met Daddy S & Mommy D during Little Amanda‘s baby fullmoon party. I would like to once again thank Mommy WY for introducing this little family to me. Mommy D and I had […]

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