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Announcement, Babies, Baby Photography Tips, Other Useful Links, Recognition, Toddler | 13 June 2010

Hello there! I’ve been really bad lately for not updating this blog. I’m so so so sorry! My life’s been busy busy busy with more photo shoots and so along with it, a loooong line of editing series began. My stress level is currently rising due to the many editing deadlines amidst my mommy-hood duties […]

Published on X-Ray Magazine – Issue #25:2008

Recognition, Underwater | 24 May 2009

Just want to share with you one of my achievement in my underwater photography. The photos I took from Pulau Weh were published on an international online magazine, X-Ray Online Dive¬†Magazine, last year. These photos were also published by AirAsia in their inflight magazine for the month of August 2009. One of my Turtle Photo […]

3R – Respect, Relax & Respond, Season 13

Personal, Recognition | 17 November 2007

I’ll be on Berita Harian newspaper today! On print, not online though… And on TV this coming Sunday too! Channel TV3 on 3R tv programme, 7.30pm. Photo by Anna Rina Thanx to Grace, I was called for an interview¬†for 3R (13th Season) show, 2 months back. DOVE is sponsoring this new season which will portray […]

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