Poll: The Many Types of Mommy-hood

Family, Parenthood Tips, Personal, Poll, Toddler | 18 June 2010

It’s been ages since my last poll post. So today, am taking some time to post one after much thought about my life as a mother. I guess, to some extent, the way I lead my mommy-hood is much influenced by how I was raised by my own mother. She was a fulltime housewife and […]

ALP’s Birthday Contest – Voting Begins!

Announcement, Poll | 19 March 2010

Voting is now closed & will be announcing the winner soon! But you already know that! 😉 Hello everyone! 😀 Sorry for the lack of postings lately. Had been really busy with several deadlines before I went for my eye epi-lasik surgery on recent Monday. Since the surgery, I’ve been resting my eyes for a […]

Poll: Your Baby & Teething

Babies, Parenthood Tips, Poll, Project 365 (Year 2010) | 12 February 2010

Our little Haley has finally gotten her new little teeth! We’re thankful that she didn’t suffer from fever or anything serious except diarrhea for 2 days. During that period, she couldn’t hold down too much solids as well so we had to feed her smaller amounts more frequently. She’d throw up after taking half of […]

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