The Chuah’s | Lots of Fun At The Park!

Family, Portraiture | 27 February 2012

Mummy G is a dear dear friend of mine. She’s also a model mom that I highly respect. Holding the titles of A Wife, A Full-Time Mother (to FOUR happy & brilliant kids), A Business Owner, A Dedicated Breastfeeding Advocate (she’s also a lactation consultant) as well as A Beautiful Friend (inside & out!). Life […]

Ooh Baby: Twins J & J | Bukit Gasing | Selangor

Babies, Family | 8 February 2012

I love kids. From their stinky heads to their inquisitive minds – they are little creatures who keep me on my toes and fill up my day with wonderment. Never thought that one day I’d have three kids of my own and definitely did not think I would have survived 😉 Now I can’t imagine […]