2011: It’s a Wrap!

Babies, Family, Personal, Pre-Natal, Slideshow, Toddler | 31 December 2011

Now let me see… I’ve been sooo caught up with recent continuous happenings & some not-so-happenings, that I didn’t get much space/time to think about writing this final post for 2011. But I decided to try it anyway. Today is one of those cold, rainy weather here in Petaling Jaya. A huge contrast from the […]


Personal, Toddler | 12 December 2011

Last night, I went to bed before midnight. It is my latest goal to live a healthier lifestyle. Sleep early, exercise more (I’ve taken up yoga with a private instructor) and eat healthier (although I do still tend to forget eating in the midst of my never-ending busy schedule!). I’m seeing results… good results of […]