…Missing You Still…

Personal | 29 July 2011

I’ve to admit that I’ve totally forgotten about yesterday. 4 years ago yesterday, daddy left us for the Lord. I think about him constantly. But much lesser on the saddening notes. More on the beautiful happy memories I had of him. And I constantly wonder what if… what if he’s still around, will he be […]

…My Love…

Personal, Toddler | 20 July 2011

It’s afternoon and already I’m feeling drained. You see… my little girl, Haley, is now two and along with that came the “Terrible Twos” and today is another tantrum day while we were out & about doing errands. I had to discipline her & had to punish her with a time-out. Well, she cried & […]

Baby Posing Workshop by Lana Bell (Australia)

Babies, Portraiture, Workshop Related | 14 July 2011

Every year, I set an objective for my photography business. Be it branding, or revamping the website, or collecting portfolios. So this year, I decided it’s time for me to attend a photography workshop. I’ve been all this time a self-taught photographer. Learning everything I know by trial & error, lots of practices, and with […]

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