Bump to Pop!: Dave + Kelly = Shevaune

Babies, Couple, Family, Portraiture, Pre-Natal | 21 February 2011

Daddy D and Mommy K are such a sweet couple. I love their immaculate little home which has plenty of natural light pouring inside. I for one, totally believes in the good “chi” the natural sunlight brings into one’s home, and I can tell you their home has the feel of good chi all around. […]

10 Things ~My Favorite FOOD~

Family, Personal, Toddler | 18 February 2011

Tis the season with lots of eating & drinking, what with the recent Chinese New Year celebration & my family trip to Hong Kong. 😀 So, today’s post is an inspiration from the things that make me (and my tummy) very happy. 😉 My favorite glorious FOOD!  I enjoy food (and drinks) in every opportunity […]

Testing ~ Comments Feature

Personal | 17 February 2011

Okay… this post is a bit different today. I’ve been told by one of my blog reader recently that my “Comment” feature is just not working for her. So I need your help, dearest readers. To test the feature for me. It’s simple. Just click “Leave a Comment” right underneath this post and write “Test” […]

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