Published on X-Ray Magazine – Issue #25:2008

Recognition, Underwater | 24 May 2009

Just want to share with you one of my achievement in my underwater photography. The photos I took from Pulau Weh were published on an international online magazine, X-Ray Online Dive Magazine, last year. These photos were also published by AirAsia in their inflight magazine for the month of August 2009. One of my Turtle Photo […]

ShootFest 001: The Wedding

Event | 14 May 2009

Hello! Just a short update. There will be an unconference for photographers & videographers alike coming 6th & 7th May 2009 in Petaling Jaya and I will be one of the volunteers for the event! I will be presenting a photography related topic “Guidelines to Drafting Your Photography Contract”. A little about the unconference: “These are most likely the first […]

There's Something About Haley

Babies | 7 May 2009

Since she’s a “big” baby (born at 4.2 kg), she gets hungry real fast and when we feed her, she guzzles down her milk like a sink hole! When she’s done, she’ll “flick” the nipple out with her tongue with such a force! Sometimes when she “poo poo”, her face will go all red & she’ll […]

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